We have this list saved from many years ago, but its one that we love. We don’t know where it came from, but we do know that we did not write it. Many thanks to the author, and if this ever makes it by the author’s desk please let us know so we can give your proper recognition.

This post would most “normally” be shared at the beginning of a new year–but reflecting mid-year is also great. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on how this year has been so far, and maybe adjust our actions if we aren’t at present doing the things “we wanted to do” this year.

Yes, Coronavirus may have changed some of your specific plans–a family gathering, a vacation, a large event, your ability to finally check out that restaurant or national park or tourist attraction. But there are also more generalizable, less tactile intentions that we can have for ourselves: walking slower, being kinder, challenging our comfort zones.

The time that we have been staying at home may provide additional moments for this kind of reflection; and those moments might “go away” quickly as the “crazy summer” approaches.

We hope this brings you some encouragement to reflect on the beautiful things of life today; and courage to seek them!

1. Live on Purpose.
Wake up every day with a plan in place to move you toward your goals.

2. Stay in curious mode.
Be a lifelong learner. There is something very empowering about learning. Look to broaden your horizons. Just think how interesting life will be.

3. Give back.
Giving back on a daily basis doesn’t necessarily have to be about money. Give someone a sincere compliment and make their day. It will make your day too.

4. Don’t waste a minute. Be decisive.
If you make a decision that turns out to be wrong, fix it and keep moving. I call it “falling forward”. We know for sure that our time is limited so be thoughtful and spend it wisely.

5. Count your blessings.
I’m convinced that no matter how much is wrong, more is right. Let’s commit to concentrating on the “right” this year Remind yourself of the good in your life every chance you get.

6. Spend your time with people who uplift you.
Eliminate the rest. There is simply no room for negative people in our lives. Get rid of the time-wasters and energy-zappers, and surround yourself with people who will make you better.

7. Look for solutions.
Better yet, be the solution. It’s easy o find fault, but does it really matter? Provide answers that will get things moving forward.

8. Clear the clutter.
Re-gift, re-cycle, or just plain toss one thing for every new thing you purchase. Go through your email and eliminate spam. When you simplify your life, it makes a huge difference.

9. Accept your imperfections.
Acknowledge your weaknesses and either work on strengthening them or simply play to your strengths. Nobody is perfect, so stop trying to be.

10. Keep adding to your bucket list.
Have more dreams than memories. It’s important to have something to look forward to. There are so many things that are worth a try–so try!

11. Laugh often.
And smile even more. It turns out laughter really is the best medicine. Lighten up, don’t take life so seriously.

12. Renew your soul. Recharge your batteries.
Stop and smell the roses. It’s as simple as that. A little change of scenery or a little downtime can make all the difference. Try it…often.

13. Live in the moment.
It’s important to learn from the past and prepare for the future, but its critical to live in the “now”. Rise above the minutiae and enjoy the view.

14. Add a few grace notes to your life.
Fresh flowers work magic. Enjoy a relaxing walk when the weather permits. Send a quick “thinking of you” note to a friend. Play your favorite music in the background while you work.

15. Remember to breathe.

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