For Accuracy in pricing homes, who can you TRUST? For much of the last 2
decades, the “Go-To” for both buyers and sellers was the “Zestimate” from Zillow.
But now, those algorithms have proven to be very inaccurate. Their OWN
WEBSITE says that “our median error rate is 7.52%”. Since the “median is the
midpoint”, their pricing can be off by over 15%, or down to precisely accurate. No
one knows which. The moral of the story? An algorithm is NOT an X-ray
machine… can’t see the inside of the home”.
I have found over my career that lack of good data doesn’t allow for good
decisions. If you’re on the buying side, if you’re planning on putting an offer in on
a home, you need to have a PRECISE comparative market analysis done for that
home. And if you’re on the selling side, you need to know PRECISELY what your
home is worth and what to price it at. In BOTH instances, if you don’t, you will
very likely leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table!
My own historic “variance rate” is 0.54% which is less than 1% ! I use appraiser-
like formulas and calculations to arrive at my numbers.
So. if you want to make GOOD decisions in your home buying or home selling, I
can help. I love doing that analysis and my clients love both the decisions they
make as well as the money they save.
Ron Arnold, doing real estate in the Unrealtor way

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