Do you remember when you were a kid and your summers were filled with
“skipping”? What fun times.
Well, the Fed just mentioned this morning, that instead of “pausing” on the next
interest rate hike, they will likely be “skipping” it. What that means is that instead
of STOPPING all interest rate hikes, they will likely re-institute them after a skip.
Why might that be “good news” and “Fun”? Well, that will likely slow inflation,
increase mortgage interest rates and hopefully cause home prices to slow or even
reverse. That’s primarily good news for buyers who will find buying opportunities
late part of this year and early next year when interest rates come back down.
Yes, that will be tough times for us realtors in the short run, but in the long run, I
think it will benefit a lot of people and increase home ownership rates. So, this
“Skipping” should be GREAT for lots of people.
Right now, you need professionals who are willing to tell the truth, so that you
can make the best decisions possible. If that’s you (or your friends), it might be
time to meet.
Ron Arnold, doing real estate in the unrealtor way


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