My wife and I just met with a 93-year-old lady and her daughter this morning to congratulate them on the closing of their home in North Tustin. She had lived in that home for 47 years and she recalled some of those poignant memories as she leafed through the picture album we created for her. She was deeply touched.
When we met with her over a year ago, the house was 100% original and we then came up with a plan like we always do. We had our contractor touch every wall, floor and ceiling, along with painting the exterior and planting flowers. A year ago, when it was original, we signed a listing agreement for $1.29 million. Our implemented plan cost them about $60,000. When we closed 2 weeks ago after a wild bidding war, the price they got was $1,630,000!!
That’s $331,000 more!! Quite a return on investment!
So if someone you know is thinking about selling and is worried about the mess their home is in, we can help. We have a tried and true system that nets our clients many times hundreds of thousands of dollars more than what they think.
Ron Arnold, doing Real Estate in the unrealtor way

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