How many times have you gone to a new restaurant and at the end of your dinner, you say, “well, that was Ok.” You shrug your shoulders and say, “nothing
Well, in today’s business world, that won’t cut it. Not in a society where expectations are sky high and most people aren’t just looking for a product or service, but rather they’re looking for an EXPERIENCE! If you aren’t WOWed today, you probably won’t be back. And you’ll rate that place on Yelp with a 2 or a
3, which is a death knell for EVERY Business. SO, in our real estate business, we are shooting for a 5-star client experience on every single transaction. And we’ve been hitting that bullseye…..we now have over 350 of those 5 star reviews, which is in the top 5 in North Orange County.
So, my ask today is NOT for someone who just wants to buy or sell a house, but someone who also wants a fun and deeply exhilarating experience. Why would you settle for “shrugging your shoulders” when you could be “clapping your hands”?
Ron Arnold where people matter and homes are incidental

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