Baby staring at toy and looks very surprised

Well, something wild…and unexpected has happened in the last 6 weeks. After almost 8 months of a terrible Real Estate market, things have turned around. Radically. What was a prime buyer’s market where most of the indicators were going down, we have now run into a full blown seller’s market.

As an example, last week we listed a home in Orange on Friday night and held an open house over the weekend where almost 100 people showed up both days. After multiple offers, we just accepted one yesterday for $20,000 over asking! The seller is ecstatic!
Well, from all appearances, we now have a “Window of Opportunity” to really get some good prices for our sellers. The recent drop in interest rates has really stimulated buyers, but most prognosticators don’t believe it will last through the summer after inventory does inevitably rise.

If you think now could be the right time for you to sell, shoot me a text or email and we can continue the conversation.


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