In 2012, when the real estate market was at its all time low, I was yelling from the mountaintops that THIS IS THE TIME TO BUY!!! Sadly, only a handful took advantage of that. But if they did, they’re now sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars that they wouldn’t have, had they not acted.
The moral of the story? Be “one of a few, not one of many”. In other words, when no one else is doing it, DO IT! That’s the time you make the most amount of money.
As that works out TODAY, I’m YELLING at all my SELLERS to “SELL NOW!” Prices are SO HIGH right now, and there are so few sellers out there that you can basically call your shots. Bidding wars are firmly back, you can get months of free
rent back (so that you can leisurely find your replacement home) and the final price you will get will likely be unbelievable.
But I always caution: if this is not the right time for you PERSONALLY to do that, then don’t do it.
However, if there’s even a small idea in the back of your mind to sell your house, you might want to investigate further. Set up a time with me, and I’ll give you some very accurate data in order to help you make the best decision possible.
Let me know WHO YOU KNOW that might want to be “one of a few” that takes advantage of a once in a lifetime market.
Ron Arnold where people matter and homes are incidental

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