When it came to sell our home of 40+ years we were very selective about who could represent us. We had an older home in a nice neighborhood and we wanted an agent that could help us obtain the best price for our home and would utilize a process that would better ensure as rapid a sale as possible. After considering several agents, Ron, his wife Sue and the Ron Arnold Team fit the bill perfectly. Our home was old and in fair condition, but had some deferred maintenance. We really didn’t know what was important to refurbish and what was not. During our interview with Ron, he explained the importance of return on investment, ROI, and that repairing or upgrading items in the home all have varying degrees of value in making a home more attractive to a buyer. Ron pointed out that many things we thought were important to the buyer would not be. Ron’s approach to selling a home is very compelling and was a major reason for us selecting his team to represent us. Ron’s comparative analysis of the house value was extensive and accurate. Ron has so much experience in the real estate business and has sold so many homes that we totally trusted his recommendations. An option we had was to sell the house “as is”, but we wanted to better ensure a quicker sale of the house plus it was important to us that the house be left in good condition. Here is where Ron’s working connections with a good contractor became a valuable asset. We had agreed with all of the improvement ROI items and had the contractor proceed with all of Ron and Sue’s recommended improvements. Then the magic began. Since we were living part time in Las Vegas, Ron provided guidance to the contractor and helped with the logistics of getting things done. It was relatively painless to get all the improvements completed in a short time. Then very quickly Ron and Sue’s stager transformed the house into an appealing must have property. Beautiful professional pictures and video were taken and a listing was placed with the MLS. The house showed very well and within a week of the being placed on the MSL, several offers were received. Ron helped us secure the best offer and had the second best offer as a backup. The escrow process went smoothly. During this whole period Ron’s team communicated well with us and kept us informed of the progress. We did most of the paper work via the computer which really made it easy to fill out forms and e-sign the documents. The house sold for a great price and most everything went according to how Ron and his team said it would. It was quite amazing. We wholeheartedly recommend Ron and his team. His expertise is second to none, his process for selling a home is spot on, and he represents only your best interest. Ron, Sue, and “The Ron Arnold Team” get the job done.