There are a million myths out there about budgets, making the word into somewhat of a “four-letter” category. But Budgeting is not something that holds you back (Myth #1) nor is a ball and chain (Myth #2) β›“πŸ‘¨β€βš–οΈ

Budgeting is something that you control, and that you make WORK for you!
If there’s something you want to do–budget for it! A budget gives you the
freedom to align your spending with your goals and values… it’s just putting a little intentionality behind where your πŸ’°πŸ’° goes & when!

We think is it of utmost importance for everyone to feel “free” of fear and bondage to money, and being educated about money and having a plan is are two ways to help us all stay financially healthy. We partner with the Dave Ramsey Solutions team as Endorsed Real Estate Professionals for many reasons, but one of them is that we think they have wonderful resources for financial management. If you are interested in reviewing your budget, or taking some budget baby steps you should check this out — a FREE Guide to getting started with Budgeting. (Produced by Dave Ramsey Solutions & EveryDollar)

Guide To Budgeting with EveryDollar From Ramsey Solutions

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