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A letter to our current & future buyers | April 7, 2020

Hello Buyer,                 

It seems like everywhere we turn… news, radio, T.V., family, and friends… the conversation revolves around COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus. Buying a home is already a huge decision and with the additional anxiety of what is going on in world the around us, we know it can be overwhelming. We want to THANK YOU for trusting us to guide you through this time and know we have detailed protocols in place to help protect you during this time.


The California Association of Realtors created Best Practices guidelines for all agents to follow. In addition to these, we are to abide by the regulations of the OC Public Health notice. All agents, myself included, have been asked to review it prior to visiting the home. Some of the most important points for agents (just for your knowledge of what is required on my end to protect individuals) to follow are:

  • Agents should read and understand the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on how to protect yourself. This is critically important!
  • Any persons on the property must agree to adhere strictly to the social distancing guidelines at all times by remaining at least six feet apart per the recommendations established by the CDC
  • Any person entering a property shall provide by declaration that to the best of their knowledge, they are not currently ill with a cold or flu; do not have a fever, persistent cough, shortness of breath, or exhibit other COVID-19 symptoms; have not been in contact with a person with COVID-19; and will adhere to and follow all precautions required for viewing the property at all times. All persons visiting a property will agree to wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer prior to entry, and to wear disposable rubber gloves and a protective face mask, if one is made available. In addition, sellers must disclose to all persons who enter the property if the seller is currently ill with a cold, flu or COVID- 19 itself, or has a fever, persistent cough, shortness of breath or other COVID-19 symptoms, or has been in contact with a person with COVID-19. Further, if anyone who enters the property is later diagnosed with COVID-19, the person who is diagnosed must immediately inform the listing agent, who will then make best efforts to inform everyone who entered the property after the person diagnosed, of that fact.
  • Refrain from touching any surface during a showing 
  • If the size of the residential unit makes it difficult to maintain the six-foot distance for all parties attending the showing, individuals may need to wait outside and come in the property one at a time, at all times maintaining proper social distance. REALTORS® should follow the above protocols when conducting any in-person interactions, but should refrain from any non-electronic unsolicited marketing during the COVID-19-related declaration of emergency.
  • Buyers must be expressly made aware of the risks of showing and visiting properties: that it may be dangerous or unsafe and could expose them or others to coronavirus (COVID-19). Buyers must be advised of their responsibilities pertaining to COVID-19 protocols regarding social distancing and other CDC guidelines.


We are allowed to go view homes at this time. In doing so, there are a few precautions we will have to follow to keep you, as well as the seller whose home we are entering, safe: 

  • All showings are to be held by appointment only. Once you find a home you are interested in, I will just need to schedule a time to view it. We can also easily set up virtual tours by either Facetime or Zoom.
  • Only a single agent (myself or a team member if I am unable to make it) and no more than two other individuals are to be in a dwelling at the same time during a showing. If other persons are necessary for a showing, they should wait outside or in their vehicles to observe the social distance guidelines.
  • Any persons on the property must agree to adhere strictly to the social distancing guidelines at all times by remaining at least six feet apart per the recommendations established by the CDC.
  • I will bring sanitizers, and gloves — as we can’t rely on others to provide them.  
  • We will discuss with you after the showing through electronic means such as email, telephone, Zoom or FaceTime, rather than in person, as maintaining a conversation while adhering to the social distance guidelines is difficult
  • There are no open houses, broker tours or broker previews. A virtual open house or showing scheduled for a specific time may be permissible with the approval of the seller.

To do our part and keep face-to-face contact at a minimum, all of the following activities will be processed electronically when possible:

  • Preparing and signing purchase agreements or other contracts.
  • Accepting offers
  • Preparing any amendments to a purchase agreement or other contract
  • Depositing funds
  • Delivering any notices or demands.


Completing the transaction

Buyer inspections and investigations as permitted or required by the purchase agreement, or as legally mandated. Many of the items listed below are specific examples of such.

  • Agent’s completion of a legally mandated visual inspection of the property.
  • Appraisals of the property
  • Contractors giving bids or estimates
  • Making contractually required repairs.
  • Buyer’s insurance inspections
  • Obtaining county or other municipal or government inspections.
  • Signing off on permits.
  • Putting up or removing fumigation tents.
  • Buyer’s performing their final walkthrough


Closing and moving

  • Escrow/title company signoffs.
  • Electronic notaries should be engaged if at all possible
  • Courier services
  • HOA transfers
  • Providing keys


THANK YOU again for trust during this time. Please know I am always available at

714-457-4009 or


Below is the contact information to other team members if I am not immediately able to answer:

Listing Manager – Halle Zacher at 626-241-0693 or

Operations Manager – Melissa Tvedt at 714-257-5495 or

Transaction Coordinator – Melinda Kirkwood at 714-348-6246 or

Realtor – Jeffrey Munson at 714-319-4555 or

Realtor – Will Lau at 714- 468-9152 or

Realtor – Sue Arnold at 714-457-4005 or

Warmly, Ron and Team

The Ron Arnold Team

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