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If you’re thinking of leaving California, we can take care of you.

We will use our contacts within our Company that have the “Largest Network of REAL ESTATE AGENTS ON THE PLANET” to help you decide on the best city that matches your needs. And the best way to do that is to uncover real estate agents who have either grown up in that city or have lived there for decades. We have developed 8 critical questions to ask each agent to make sure they have both local expertise as well as empathetic hearts to help smooth this life-changing move.

With our California relocation services there is no cost to you!

So what’s in it for us? On occasion, we might receive a referral fee from the agent, but as you know, that’s not what drives us. We’ve always taken the view that “people matter…..while homes are incidental” in this business. In other words, we take the “long view”… in 10 or 20 years, we just want our friends to be as happy as possible.   Meet your team of relocation experts.

And we hope this little service can contribute to that in a small way…

The Ron Arnold Team Realtor Brea California

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Leaving California for Greener Pastures?

If you’re thinking of…

Retiring out of state

Finding a more “tax friendly state”

Wanting a more “Family Values Friendly” state

Want a slower pace of life

Or Just plain tired of the Rat Race…

We Can Help!

Our goal:

“We want to help our clients find just the right home in a city that fits them the best. We will use our ability to research and vet the best real estate advisors by tapping into the largest network of agents around the country so that our clients will receive comparable service, expertise and integrity.”

The Ron Arnold Team Realtor Brea California

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If you’re not quite sure you’re ready to leave California and you want to explore the possibility without committing, you’ve come to the right place.  Simply complete the form below and we’re happy to have a conversation with you and answer all the questions.  It’s a big decision. We get it. You’re doing the right thing by evaluating all the options and possibilities. 

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