Why is it, in the history of the US, people tend to gravitate toward the coasts?
Well, it can be the oceans and the weather, but that’s not the only thing: it’s the
jobs, specifically higher paying ones. Typically, people make more money on the
coasts. And that means that typically homes cost more. And because of those
high paying jobs, appreciation rates for those homes are consequentially higher
on the coasts.
So, since we’re on the “coasts” if you’re thinking about selling and then buying
another home, why not stop for a moment and say: I’ll buy a new home, but I
think I’ll just rent out my current home?
Well, that’s a suggestion I make to every seller I sit down with and wants to sell.
Keep the house and then take advantage of high rental rates. And then you can
get all that WILD appreciation!
When I give that suggestion to my potential sellers, they always look at me weird,
like you don’t make any money by renting a home out, so why?
Because operating out of the principle of the best interests of others is what
drives me.
So if you know of someone who wants that kind of counsel in real estate, feel free
to have them give me a call
Ron Arnold Doing Real Estate in the Unrealtor way

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