In today’s business world, the success of a brand is heavily dependent upon their
vision and mission statement. And how much they abide by it.
I was talking to a colleague of mine that started a hat and T-shirt business based
around a concept called “Fridays Only”. He met with a famous business coach, the
guy who started Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef” campaign 3 decades ago. He said
he’s been approached by HUNDREDS of people who “hat and t-shirt” ideas, and
they all fizzle. But this one, with a mission and a vision, he said is a “million-dollar
So that’s why 21 years ago when I entered into Real estate as a CALLING, my first
step was creating my MISSION Statement. We’ve tried as best as we could to
execute on that, by “Genuinely respecting, honoring and protecting our clients, so
that they can make decisions that are the most beneficial to themselves and their
My ask is for any of your friends who want a realtor like that.
Ron Arnold Doing Real Estate in the Unrealtor way