Have you ever tried flipping your mattress by YOURSELF? Even if it’s just spinning it, it’s really a TWO PERSON job.
Bringing in that extra person is really employing the concept of leverage. It’s a multiplication of power much like you’d use a steel rod to move a huge boulder. You didn’t get more strength and the rod had no strength of its own, but together you can do mighty things. That’s what I employ every day in my real estate practice. In fact, that’s what WE ALL do every day, we just don’t recognize it. You employ leverage by hiring new employees, developing new marketing strategies, even using the strength of your brand, like Farmers or CBRE, to win over prospective new clients.
The primary way I use it when selling homes is spending lots of extra time and money to get multiple offers and then leveraging the power of competition to push the final price higher than they could have gone otherwise. It’s a simple strategy of using the “Strength of numbers”. Everyone I talk to knows we have SUPER low inventory of homes for sale. But most don’t have any idea of how to use that “lever” to get them more.
So if you have a friend or family member who’s thinking about selling, tell them about my strategy to get them more than they could do by themselves. Because selling a house isn’t like moving a bed.
Ron Arnold, doing real estate in the unrealtor way

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