I believe that of the best service I can bring to my clients is being the “Economist of Choice”. In other words, be the best purveyor of data driven truth that I can be, so that my clients can make the best decisions possible.
One of the best and most accurate companies that I rely upon every year is Core Logic based in Irvine. The are a data driven company that provides detailed and profoundly accurate forecasts based upon a model that has proven itself over the

Last week they came out with a projection that the US Housing market will increase in price 7% and that Orange County will increase 9.5% in price over the next 12 months. So, my target ask today is for buyers who want to see some of those reports and if
they plan on buying, to help them make the best decision, and maybe make that move before all of that increase happens.

Ron Arnold, doing real estate in the unrealtor way

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