On Monday, we closed the single largest transaction in the history of Keller Williams North OC. On Tuesday, we staged a huge home in Yorba Linda inside and out, and yesterday, we staged a small mobile home in Fullerton. In fact I just got back from the finishing touches on it this morning.
After we did that, a colleague of mine who helped us with his truck ferrying furniture back and forth, commented, “Dude (yes he uses dude like I do), Dude, if I had closed that transaction on Monday, you wouldn’t have seen me for …like a week, or maybe more like a MONTH, heck, probably the next QUARTER. And there you guys are staging homes, even a mobile home.”
I said, “well it’s because we’re in this for a different reason than money. One of our principles is “Do Not Play Favorites: Monetary rewards should not dictate who you work with or how your work is done”.
So, my ask today is for a friend or family member who needs to sell a mobile home. Because they’ll get the same treatment as if they were selling a beachfront home.
Ron Arnold, doing Real Estate in the Unrealtor way

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