Ron Arnold’s second home is on the baseball field. As a Southern California native, he was born and raised in Montebello, earning a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern California. While in college, Ron was a part of the National Championship team that took the title for the Trojans in 1978. Following his college career, he went on to play baseball in the Mexican minor and Major Leagues, winning two batting titles over a 3 year period. He then broke into the Oakland A’s Farm system, climbing as high as Triple AAA ball and then retired from ball after a hand injury at the ripe old age of 26.

Ron knows what it’s like to win, and he goes to bat for his clients, making sure he does his best to put them into a position to win. For a seller, that’s getting them the best price possible. For a buyer, it’s getting them the best deal possible. He and his Ron Arnold Team are committed to helping buyers and sellers make the best decisions for their families and their futures. He’s helped over 750 families get to their real estate goals over a 16 year period.

It is important to have experienced professionals going to bat for you.




Think about it. You wouldn’t have major surgery without having trust and assurance from your doctor, who has answered your many questions about the procedure. You wouldn’t go onto a car lot and buy a car without test-driving it, asking a lot of questions, and looking to find the best deal. Similarly, buying a home is often one of the most expensive purchases you will make, and it pays you in the long run to have an experienced team on your side. Our Ron Arnold Team can make the process easy and efficient with the years of knowledge we bring to the negotiating table.



The Southern California real estate market can be volatile, which is why it is important to have someone on your side who understands what is going on today in your neighborhood. Our team has knowledge of market conditions, helping you navigate the choppy waters of a sale or purchase. What are the comps of other homes in the neighborhood? How long (on average) have they been on the market? Are they generally selling below or above asking price? All of these factors bend with the winds of SoCal real estate, and our team is always up to speed on what is happening now.



How often are you involved with:

  • home inspections
  • hazard insurance
  • title insurance
  • property appraisals
  • property insurance?

If this is something you rarely do, it is comforting to have an experienced real estate team working through these cumbersome issues for you. Each of these play a role in your ability to close on a property, and if that is your goal, look to us as your professional Major League team to help ‘slide safely into home.’



Agents don’t set the price for a home, but they can provide invaluable advice to a homebuyer or seller. They know what comparable homes have sold for recently, and can guide clients to make the best choice in order to make the transaction happen quickly.



In baseball, one of the most critical tools a ballplayer can have is his glove. It’s the most integral piece of becoming a good defender. So much so that over the years, it becomes “part of you”. If you work with the right realtor, that’s how critical they become. Our team has the resources you need to protect your best interests, and the negotiating skills to make it happen. The beauty of having a trusted Realtor is that you can have a trusted liaison, allowing for easier and cleaner negotiations. Like the glove, it becomes an extension of who you and allows a “more effective play to happen”. So if you’re selling, the overwhelming emotional attachment doesn’t get in the way and if you’re buying that discussion about the old shag carpet doesn’t get in the way of the big picture. We have the experience to work through the sale efficiently, adeptly dealing with all parties in a way that protects our clients’ best interests.

“In our company, our motto is ‘When Home Isn’t 1st!,’ and that is truly the heartbeat of what drives our decisions,” Ron says. “We want to make sure people are the highest priority in any Real Estate transaction by genuinely respecting, honoring and protecting them. We want them to have the right information in order to make decisions that are most beneficial to them, and to their families.”

So hire a Major Leaguer, the Ron Arnold Team for your real estate transactions. We can assist you in either selling for top dollar, or finding the home of your dreams.

Photo by Daniel Padavona, Shutterstock
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