Protection. You need it when you are making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life: buying or selling real estate in Southern California. That’s why you need a team full of integrity on your side to help walk you through the process, and the Ron Arnold Team stands ready to assist.

Founder Ron Arnold has a heart for people. He’s also been successful in long-term careers in sales and marketing. In real estate, Ron has consistently been in the top 1% of Keller Williams agents world-wide in the past ten years.

But you may not know that Ron helped USC win a National Championship for the Trojans. After earning his degree from USC, he played professional baseball for the Oakland A’s organization, and played several years in the big leagues in Mexico.

With baseball season opening up, we wanted to get his views on how the Angels will do this season, and he is very cautiously optimistic. “Obviously, I’m an avid baseball fan,” Ron says. “I’m excited about the addition of Shohei Ohtani. Let’s say I am realistically hopeful. Baseball is a long, long season, but with Ohtani’s possible star on the horizon, we’ll excitedly wait and see!”

Shohei Ohtani is a Japanese phenom, being compared to Babe Ruth as an exceptional pitcher and hitter. In fact, he is such a draw that his fans have been told to quiet down during his at-bats, in order for him to concentrate.




That reminds us of a fundamental principle in real estate transactions: you need to quiet down, know your numbers, and calmly make the best decision, and our team at Ron Arnold can help you make that happen. As a homebuyer or seller, trying to make a snap decision can have you ‘taking it on the chin,’ when solid counsel from real estate professionals can make for a smooth transaction.



In this era of online-everything, you might think you don’t need a Realtor to assist you in buying or selling a home. There are a number of reasons why finding a trusted Realtor can make your transaction happen more quickly.



Active Realtors are busy showing houses, talking with potential buyers and sellers, and hearing what is happening in a particular neighborhood. How much is the average price per square foot of similar homes in the area? How many days has the home been on the market? What is the median and average sales price? That type of knowledge can be invaluable. Plus, our team has the benefit of seeing the detail on comparable listings and know what houses are selling for in a certain area, in order to steer you to a reasonable price.



This is critical to a homebuyer or seller, because we can look at a deal without the emotion of a family selling a much-loved home, or a buyer wanting major changes that can upset a seller. We ethically and professionally provide you with a realistic assessment of what is best in order to get the closing…closed.



Most real estate transactions produce a ton of paper: maybe 1-3 inches in thickness. There are federal mandates, state mandates, title documents, escrow documents: it goes on an on. If you have a Realtor on your team, those docs (and the time it takes to prepare them) are taken care of for you. Allow us the honor of keeping you from taking it on the chin in your next real estate transaction!

Photo by Sfio Cracho, Shutterstock
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