In today’s Real Estate market, most homeowners need to sell in order to buy.
But I’ve had three discussions this past week where I suggested that the
homeowner KEEP their home and then rent it out. One was a lady in Placentia
who inherited her mom’s home and I told her to either live in it, or rent it out.
Another was a lady in Arcadia who wanted to buy a “two on a lot”, and I told her
she might want to keep her current home and then build an ADU out back (and
essentially CREATE the very thing she wanted….but MUCH cheaper!) And the
third was a couple who inherited a condo in GG that we’ve been fixing up for 3
months and now it’s ready for sale or rent. I gave them a strong push toward
renting it out.
Why do I do this, when essentially it not only makes us no money, but it also
undermines my taking a listing which is where a vast majority of our income
comes from?
Simply put: Because of my “Fiduciary Duty” to protect others’ best interests. And
at its core, it’s treating others the way you’d want to be treated.
If you know of someone who wants that kind of counsel, have them give us a ring.
Ron Arnold, where people matter and homes are incidental

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