It seems like everywhere I turn I’m hearing more of how people can’t stand California. Last night I was at a gathering, and a 70 year old gentleman who I had never met, simply said how much he hates everything about California and within a year plans to get out. He owns 3 rental properties and plans to sell them and buy 3 in Tennessee (it’ll be more like 6 in TENN).
I told him we could help identify people who could help. I’ve told you guys about this before, but we have a really cool system that will identify the best and most ethical agents in every city in the nation. We have a world-wide system that can identify top producing agents and then we interview them with 8 probing questions. It doesn’t cost you anything, but if you decide to use one of those agents, we get a little referral fee.
Win-win all around.
So, my ask today is for a particularly well-known California hater, like Tucker Carlson or someone like him. If you or someone you talk to shows a particular distain for California, give them my name and number. We will help them with their hatred.
Ron Arnold, doing real estate in the “Uncalifornia” way

P.S…. Check out for more ways we can help

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