How do you respond to the words “introductions” “referrals” “networking” ?

I shudder at the idea of networking; I don’t react really well to the assumption that I’ll be referring someone to a friend. It just seems so self-congratulatory and presumptive. But on the other hand, if I feel confident in someone and the job they do, I feel good doing it. I’ll even do it eagerly. But sometimes I just plain forget. And sometimes it takes being reminded and asked directly.

When I think about how honored I am to meet a new person who has been referred to me, I start to view those words is a very affectionate light.

So, without assuming anything, and only if you feel confident in how I do real estate, if you hear of someone you know who needs help there, please tell them about me and my team. Not only will they be served well, but it makes a BIG difference in our business .. I’ll never take your recommendation lightly and I’ll do my best to continue to earn your trust. And represent our friendship well.

That’s one of the main cornerstones of my business called “When Home Isn’t 1st.” People matter. Homes are incidental.

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