…have never been more important!

For far too long, the “Wizard of Oz” has been operating behind the curtain in Real Estate. The powerful lobbying of the NAR has kept some policies in place that simply have undermined buyer’s and seller’s best interests. Poor representation and backroom negotiations have proliferated. But not anymore. Well, shall I say, at least not as much anymore. As we always have, we at the Ron Arnold Team will be an open book to you. We’ve always loved transparency and it was my own personal Mission over 20 years ago to “Share everything in my head” with my clients whether it was in my best interest or not. My principle #7 (of 10) is “Tell the Truth: While monetary reward is good and necessary, it should never cloud your view or inhibit a complete disclosure of the truth. Tell the truth whether or not they decide to buy or sell or even use you as their agent.” I’ve always abided by that. No matter how hard it is. So now with this new change, we will do the same and tell you all about the new rules and how any changes might affect you. We will tell you all your options, and tell
you truthfully, about what they mean to you! One of the main targets of the DOJ lawsuit was there were insider forces that were keeping commission “artificially high”.
I absolutely agree! But now, things are about to change.
The main impetus of the lawsuit was to “decouple” the commissions. In other words, the seller will now only have to pay for the listing agent. However, the buyer’s agent (as of August) will have to have their buyer sign a contract with them to pay them directly. Or the seller can pay for some, all, or none of it. Why that’s important to a seller is that payment incentivizes as many buyers as possible to come and see the house. However, the bottom line is it’s all negotiable, much like it’s always been, but not all agents were always forthright about it.
I love how this new ruling is unveiling the secret levers that have operated for far too long. And while the rest of the journey isn’t some idyllic walk down the Yellow Brick Road, at least we can get you more easily to the place you want to go. It might not be over the rainbow, but it’s probably someplace ideal for you


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