Vacant Land…..well, it’s only DIRT you say. Well, not so fast, mister. Because there’s a dearth of homes for sale in So Cal, land is being looked at with a high pitched fervor. And while there’s very few “ready to build” lots around, there’s LOTS of lightly functioning oil wells around that all they need is a process called “Cap and Abandonment”. We’ve done that a few times and got parcels ready to sell. We’re actually doing that NOW in multiple areas. So, my ask today is for someone you know that has owned “THAT” parcel of land that’s just been sitting there…..and gathering MORE dirt, while the whole time property tax is being paid on it. Vacant land is actually a LIABILITY and a COST when it’s undeveloped, but it only makes money when it’s entitled and built on.
We know how to make that process work. Even if it’s a piece of land in your own neighborhood that’s been sitting there, let us know and we’ll connect with the owner and get a nice “McMansion” built right next door to you…
Ron Arnold Doing real estate in the unrealtor way

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