Why do people move from one house to another? When I first started out in Real Estate, I thought it was for more space, or less space, or to get closer to work or needing a new home in a better school district, or a major life change, or things like that. And some of those are true.

But what I’ve found that underlies ALL OF THOSE THINGS, is love. Love, you ask? Well, behind each of these things, LOVE is the motivator. Behind more space, they want that space for the kids they love. Behind the closer to work thing, they want to have a shorter commute so they can spend more time with the family they love. Behind even major life changes, they make most of those moves to be nearer the kids or the grandkids that have grabbed their hearts. Well, at least the grandkids have…….

So my ask today is for people who are looking to change things up so they can be more and do more with the people they love. Just yesterday, I had a young couple say they needed to move from Corona to Orange county to get better schooling for their 3 beloved kids. I found that out by asking questions (like I was saying earlier in the educational moment). Let me help you and your friends by helping them figure out what’s in their hearts.

Ron Arnold where people matter and homes are incidental