I grew up watching my stay-at-home mom fix dinner every night for our family. Her favorite thing to use was a “pressure cooker” because it took the cheaper cut of meats and made them delicious. In other words, it made the tough meats soft.
Well, that’s about what’s happening right now in real estate. For the last 18 months, we have all suffered through a market with low inventory and high interest rates. But now, inventory is increasing and interest rates are dropping quickly. The “tough” market has recently had pressures applied to it, and now it’s becoming very soft. The Pent-up Demand that has been building for quite some time, is now slowly releasing and the real estate market is now fully functioning again. As evidenced by our Yorba Linda listing we put on the market last Friday and it already has 5 offers on it, and the bidding war is pushing the price way up.
So, if you have friends that are in the market to sell their home, or even just thinking about it, please tell them about us. We won’t push them or put any “Pressure” on them. But, if they decide to sell, we’ll tell them that they’ll find a “delicious meal” of “sky high prices”.

Ron Arnold, doing Real Estate in the Unrealtor way