Yesterday, my wife and I met with a 65-year old widow who lost her
husband very unexpectedly 3 years ago. She’s still recovering today.
One of the things she misses most is having someone she trusts to be
able to bounce ideas and decisions off. She feels alone.
That’s especially true now because she has a 6-month-old grandson in
Orange County that she wants to be closer to, rather than 40 min away
from her home in Los Angeles. We had helped her son’s family get that
OC home, and she saw and experienced what our counsel and care is
After meeting with us for 4 hours yesterday, she felt relieved…and
seemed much happier. She said she felt heard…..and protected. She
loved that she felt no pressure to make a decision one way or another.
My wife and I left gratified….that we were able to help a vulnerable
woman wade through some very big issues and tough decisions.
So, if you know of a widow or widower who just needs someone to
come alongside them and give them strong shoulders to lean on and
possibly just a little wisdom, tell them about us.
Ron Arnold, where people matter and homes are incidental

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