We just opened escrow this morning on a listing in Whittier where we got 10 offers and the final price went $32,000 above list price. I’ve told that kind of
story before but the amazing thing about these sellers is that they JUST BOUGHT it only two years ago. And back then they bid the home up by
$20,000!. That idea harkens me back to the old Warren Buffett quote where he says: “it’s wise to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy
only when others are fearful.” You might have thought that bidding it up two years ago was unwise. But in two years, because they decided not to rent but to buy, they gained a total of $42,000! They learned the value of Buffet’s adage by being greedy when others were fearful.
So, my ask today is for first-time buyers who are still unsure if they should buy or rent. I’ll never pressure them if it’s not right for them, but I’ll also help them push through the fear if it is right.
Ron Arnold, where people matter and homes are incidental.