“Put me in coach, I’m ready to play….today. Got a beat up glove, a homemade bat and a brand new pair of shoes…..Put me in coach, I’m ready to play….today…..”
What song is that from?
Yes, Centerfield. By Dan Fogerty
And what does it remind you of: Opening Day of baseball!! Well, a week from today, we will have baseball’s OPENING DAY!! (yes I know the Dodgers played the Padres yesterday in Korea….but come on, that’s not REALLY opening day. Well, in real estate, the season has already begun a few weeks ago. Kinda crazy
already: the stands are loaded, the bases are full, and the runs are already pouring in. In other words, buyers are out in droves, multiple offers are everywhere and escrows are closing daily.
So, if you’re a baseball owner, or a homeowner, you’re probably pretty happy. So, my ask today, is if you know of someone who wants “in the game” and wants to hit a homerun with their home, have them call me. They’ll be stunned that they’ll feel like the LOADED DODGERS, headed for a world championship.
Ron Arnold, where people matter and are always treated like Shohei Otani….