Here we are….December and time to frenetically juggle too much shopping, too
many parties and too many obligations. That’s exactly what’s it’s felt like in the
Real Estate Market for the last 2 years! Too little homes for too many buyers.
Decisions had to be made in seconds and the pace was so fast it led to “irrational
As everyone knows, things have now calmed, and I for one am thankful for it.
People can take their time to make their housing choices. The last four months
have brought sanity and more wisdom to the market. Both buyers and sellers
actually have time to plan their next move.
So, today I’m looking for those planners. Those who don’t want to do anything
right now, but have some ideas and some dreams for their future. I have
gathered some sound economic projections as well as resources from all 50 States
and have referral personnel in pretty much every city in the US. They can actually
drive you around each city.
So, if you’ve heard about a friend or family member who needs that planning
help, I can sit down with them and take some time to help them PLAN their
Ron Arnold where people matter and homes are incidental.

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