I never wanted to be a realtor. About 25 years ago, when I spent 2 years trying to find my current home and watching how realtors treat people, I told my realtor: “The last occupation on the face of the earth I ever do would be your job.”

So, the only reason why I’ve been doing this now is because of a strong calling. That calling lead me to call my business “When Home Isn’t First”. And my tag line is: Reminding you of higher priorities.

Why? Because while your home might be your single largest asset, in comparison to your relationships with your spouse, kids, friends and God, it’s tiny and inconsequential. Don’t make it bigger than it should be. So, my goal isn’t to sell a bunch of homes, but rather to have an impact on people’s lives. And to encourage them to put “first things first”. As part of that reminder, this weekend we’re commemorating a couple days that focus on redeeming relationships. My favorite day is tomorrow: Good Friday. So, my ask today is simply a reminder: to stop and be thankful tomorrow afternoon. That sacrifice makes all things you own or have, pale in comparison.
Enjoy this weekend particularly!
Ron Arnold, where people matter and homes are incidental.