As we all know, the Super Bowl kick off is coming up in about a week: the Chiefs vs the 49ers. But there’s another kickoff that takes place right after that: the kickoff of the prime real estate buying season. For the last 14 years, inventory starts kicking up and buyer activity rockets up the day after the Super Bowl.
We’ve already seen early evidences of this by multiple offers coming in: there were 24 offers in on a home in Placentia over last weekend!
Supply of homes for sale is still very small, and interest rates have become more attractive, making the competition between the two super strong.
So, today, I’d like to get a hold of John Force, the Hot Rod car owner who has a hilltop home in YL to see if he’d like to sell and get multiple offers on his home.
Ron Arnold, doing Real Estate in the Unrealtor way

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