Do you remember when you were a kid and you’d jump on a slip and slide and fly across your backyard with screams of glee? But when the water was shut off and you tried to slide across that DRY slide, you’d get stuck?
Well, that’s what the current housing market is like: Interest rates are high and inventory is low, so both buyers and sellers are stuck in the
middle of the “slide”. But the water is about ready to be turned back on….Interest rates are now flattening and will shortly start coming down, and inventory is slightly increasing at a time of the year that it shouldn’t.
By the time Feb of next year hits, every projection I’ve seen says we’ll have a torrent of water on that slide. And there’ll be a hundred neighbor kids wanting to crowd onto that slide.
So, my ask for today is for smart home buyers and sellers who want to “beat the crowd”. Because today’s slip and slide housing market is a LOT easier than what it will be in 4 or 5 months. Be “one of a few, not one of many”, as I’ve always said.

Ron Arnold, doing Real Estate in the Unrealtor way

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