The Ron Arnold Team is comprised of a wonderful collection of fun-loving folks who have a passion for helping people, real estate and making home owners’ dreams come true. One played professional baseball. One is a recognized voice talent on national commercials. Another has a degree in Mandarin Chinese. One is a work-out fiend and a drummer in a band. Here’s a little more about this fun, eclectic group of Realtors!


Ron Arnold–Founder, Listing & Buying Agent

Ron has a heart for people. He’s also been successful in long-term careers in sales and marketing. In real estate, Ron has consistently been in the top 1% of Keller Williams agents world-wide in the past ten years. But you may not know that after earning his degree from USC, he played professional baseball for the Oakland A’s organization.

“In our company, our motto is ‘When Home Isn’t 1st!,’ and that is truly the heartbeat of what drives our decisions,” Ron says. “We want to place people as the highest priority in any Real Estate transaction by genuinely respecting, honoring and protecting them. We want them to have the right information in order to make decisions that are most beneficial to them, and to their families.”


Sue Arnold–Buyer & Listing Agent

Ron’s wife Sue loves people, and had a great career in Southern California as a Sales Representative in the packaging industry. So it was a natural transition for her to enter the real estate market, where you are connecting people’s needs with the right home.

“I have a heart to serve and love people,” Sue stated. “The change from a sales rep to Real Estate was a welcome one, because it allows me to get out and about and help more people. Less desk work, more people time, which I love!”


Jeff Munson–Buyer & Listing Agent

Jeff is a bit of a Renaissance Man: he started his career in 1985 working in marketing and publicity for the Thoroughbred Horse Racing industry. You may have heard Jeff on national TV spots, including his professional voice work for Honda, Toyota, and Marriott. He is also a sports enthusiast, announcing Division I college sports, as well as the announcing work for the Lakers and the Clippers.

“The voice over industry has changed so much with the internet,” said Munson. ”One time in the caveman days, I drove 3 hours in my car through traffic to North Hollywood for an audition to say 3 words. “It’s a Sony”. Did it, then drove home and never heard a peep from anyone. Years later I did something similar for Honda, but booked that one and $86,000 later I said, ‘This ain’t a bad gig!

“I have been blessed to announce Division 1 College Sports, Los Angeles Lakers & Clipper games in addition to boxing matches and horse races. It was terrific, but not much compares to when a young family looks you in the eye and sincerely thanks you for finding them their “forever home” that their kids will make memories in for the next 20 years,” Munson said. “This career is about helping people with basically their largest investment they will ever make so I don’t take that lightly. In addition to loving the work that changes daily, you have to be on your toes and I love that!”


Will Lau–Buyer & Listing Agent/Digital Media Director

Will grew up in a large family of 7 in West Garden Grove. He graduated from UCLA with degrees in International Relations and Mandarin Chinese. He became a Realtor 6 years ago after a career as a manager in the biomedical industry. It’s been said the the things most people dread are death, and speaking in front of people. Will took the later ‘dread’ head-on and joined Toastmasters, and has served as President and Post Area Director for the Brea District.

“I loved being part of a big family. Now I am married and we are expecting our second child in mid-April,” said Lau. “Growing up in West Garden Grove, my parents have owned a Chinese restaurant for years. I grew up speaking Cantonese, a dialect spoken in Hong Kong. But I was intrigued with learning Mandarin, although I didn’t grow up writing or speaking it. I decided to include Mandarin as a major and took classes for three years. My second year in college, in 2006 I studied abroad in Beijing, two years before the Olympics. Beijing is notorious as a city for its smog and pollution. One day in Beijing there were completely blue skies, which is unheard of in the area. I later learned the government shot something into the air to clear it up in advance of the Olympics.”

“I graduated college during the recession of 2008. Afterward I accepted a job at a biomedical company and the company offered the option to join Toastmasters. It intrigued me. I was comfortable presenting in front of a crowd, but knew I could be better. Seven years later, I’ve been a past President, and love the opportunity it gives to throw an idea out there, and see how it works with your audience. It has helped me in real estate to connect with potential clients, and fully explain the current market conditions.”

“When I went full-time into real estate, a friend recommended I talk with Ron Arnold. He has an amazing amount of experience and success, and has such a great heart and soul and most importantly, a Servant’s Heart. He knows he can serve his client fully, and that’s what attracted me to the team. I want to emulate that with my clients, and he has helped navigate that for me.”

“I’m a son, husband, father. I have a heavenly Father, an earthly father, a wife, and my children, and am happy to be part of the Ron Arnold Team!”


Susan Wan Ross–Buyer & Listing Agent

Susan brings a variety of talents to the Ron Arnold Team. She has worked in Real Estate for more than 20 years, and has also garnered expert experience as a licensed appraiser. She understands contract negotiation, property evaluation and staging, which can help homeowners sell their properties much more quickly. She is a Certified New Home Specialist (CNHS) as well as a Certified Residential Specialist, which brings her clients a wealth of experience to the table.

“I wear many hats! I was a hairdresser for 34 years and combined that career with appraising and real estate,” said Susan. “I’ve been involved in just about every aspect of real estate, and have always been more drawn to the creative aspects of it, and to people. I like being a team player, which is easy to do at the Ron Arnold Team!”

“Before I started staging homes, we would have clients bring in interior decorators, which would cost the seller a lot of money,” Ross said. “So our staging was a lot more economical, to show off the main features of a room. It is fun going into a home and imagine what it would look like in Architectural Digest. With our diverse types of buyers, we studied and include the practice of Feng Shui to make the rooms flow better. Color also makes a big difference: we may bring in extra pieces to accent the colors that are there to pull it all together. We save our clients money this way and also make the space look much better after we are done.”

“I love working with the Ron Arnold Team: we each have the same values of putting God first. Real estate can be a cut-throat business, but with our team we truly focus on what is best for our clients. We are very giving with each other as well, and I think that sets us apart. I’ve also been involved with the Make-a-Wish organization for 18 years, and it is important to all of us on our team that we give back to each other, and to the community.”


Greg Almquist–Buyer & Listing Agent

You might call Greg the Everything Man. Not only does he have 14 years in Real Estate, and three decades in distribution, sales and marketing, but he’s also busy outside of the work day. He is an avid athlete, working out in the gym, riding dirt bikes, and hanging out with his children. There is also his musical side: Greg found he had a flair for the drums.

“I have 2 children, a young man and woman ages 21 and 25. My passions include going to the gym and music,” Almquist said. “I didn’t start playing drums until my early 40’s, and my favorite band is 38 Special! I play drums in our church’s worship team at Rose Drive Friends Church in Yorba Linda. As to the dirt biking: I ride a Honda CRF 450X. I used to race motocross in my younger years.”

“I like the flexibility of working with the Ron Arnold Team. Even though I work all the time, I like the freedom this career gives you. Bottom line: I like meeting different people: I love people. I like to see people get excited about their new home!”

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