It seems in vogue right now to say you’re a “fiduciary”.We’ve all seen that on TV commercials, print ads and social media posts recently. The term sounds official, sophisticated and even laudable. Maybe even a bit pretty.Well, the truth is, it’s all the above.But it’s also hard. In practice and real life, it’s REALLY hard. Things like acting solely in the best interests of your client, having an undivided loyalty, maintaining trust at all costs, giving full disclosure at all times and maintaining confidentiality and prudence in your advising can be taxing. And putting your own monetary rewards far in the background in comparison to your clients’ is not common with most of humanity.Putting other’s best interests ABOVE your own, genuinely, authentically, and behind the scenes where no one is looking, is a tall task.But it’s also a great privilege. Making sure you protect your clients with everything in you, is a high calling. It’s really mission driven. And not only does it help you sleep better at night, it can be a great joy. It just feels really good when people are benefitted and money is put in its place.

In Real Estate, it plays out in hundreds of different ways. Here’s 3:

1.If a seller won’t fix possible mold in a home that your buyer wants, you suggest it’s best if they cancel the transaction.

2.After giving a widow, who’s owned her home for 30 years, all her options about what she can do, including building an ADU outback so she can get extra income and doesn’t have to move out of her beloved home, suggesting she stay put and use that rental income to supplement her income.

3.Turning down a buyer who asks me as the listing agent at an open house to submit an offer for them and instead suggesting they get their own agent so that both parties are properly represented and natural advocacy can occur on both sides.

Most of these take place where no one is looking. That’s the real test of character. Integrity isn’t built by actions in the spotlight. Rather, when no acclaim is gotten and the only person benefitted might not even know what was done for them. And may never know.Real Estate isn’t the only industry changing at light speeds. So in ALL industries, we need more people doing more actions with more protection at the forefront. And then not saying anything about it. It can’t be a marketing tactic, or an advertising scheme or a post that goes viral. It’s gotta be about a mission, a cause, and about doing people right… matter what.You can start by making sure that whoever is representing you, whether it’s your financial advisor, your CPA, your attorney or your realtor, is a through and through fiduciary


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