Have you ever tried to read one of those home improvement guide books? As you flip through, your emotions range from excited to overwhelmed to… demotivated. You had high hopes to be empowered and inspired, but well, you weren’t.



So let’s discuss a few simple projects that can be done by the average person, and are certain to increase the value of your home. A good place to start is to increase your square footage – visually. Here are some ideas:


  1. Become Picasso

You guessed it; it might be time to paint. No need to hire a professional, though it can’t hurt to ask a few questions when you buy the paint (for example whether you will need a coat of primer first). The prep work actually takes the longest, but once you are set up, it goes pretty quickly. Take time to clean up your edges and make it look neat (a small craft paintbrush might do the trick).

Now let’s talk about color. Your color selection is completely personal, but if you want to add value to your home, it’s probably best to keep it neutral. And if you want to make the home look bigger, stick to the lighter shades, ranging from tan and cream to warm grey. Urban areas might benefit from a shade of grey, while a color that feels more natural and warm may be just the ticket for a more traditional suburban home.


  1. Build Your Organizational Skills

A small space with lots of clutter can make anyone suddenly become claustrophobic and curl up into the fetal position (well, they would want to anyway). Let’s avoid that with prospective buyers by:

  • Giving away old clothes, shoes and furniture, and putting away some of the photos.
  • Investing in an organizational solution, like adding more shelving to your closets, using shoe racks and hampers, or picking up some pretty storage bins for toys and miscellaneous items (anything that makes you feel like cleaning up is fun).
  • Tackling that problem area (maybe a new filing system for your mail) and keeping it organized by committing to doing just a few minutes every day.
  • Getting help if need be; either swallow your pride and get that really organized friend to come over and help, or hire a professional.


  1. Lighten Up

Do you have outdated window treatments? Heavy drapes can shut out a lot of light and make the room feel smaller. Consider picking out a new window treatment that lets in more light (like blinds). One popular approach is to hang the curtains close to ceiling height; it makes the room seem taller and the windows seem bigger. Whatever you do, let the sun shine in. Who doesn’t love the refreshing feel of a room bathed in natural light?

If you have a light fixture that is outdated, broken or missing parts, why not upgrade? You can pick out a new (and brighter) look for a very reasonable price. If you’re not up to doing the electrical work yourself, hire a handyman. And while you’re picking out the new fixture, it probably wouldn’t hurt to consider adding a lamp to a dark corner in a room. It will suddenly feel like an inviting space.

Lastly, it might be a good move to add a large mirror to a small room. It reflects and amplifies the lighting in the space, making it feel bigger.


  1. Keep up with the Joneses

Take a look around the block and check out who has the most inviting yard. Use their yard as an inspiration for your own yard clean-up efforts.

  • How about adding mulch or rocks (or other natural weed inhibitors) to spaces where the grass isn’t really growing?
  • Weeding, cutting back or simply removing some of your plants could make your yard feel more spacious as well.
  • If you have no plants, consider picking up some low maintenance plants and/or trees (generally these are the ones that are native to your area – ask the experts at the garden store).

A few healthy, well-placed plants can say “Welcome Home” to prospective buyers before they even step foot in the door.

These DIY tips can help you increase the value of your home, even without a major remodel. And if you are thinking of selling your home in Anaheim, Brea, Yorba Linda or Fullerton and the surrounding areas, our crew of dedicated real estate experts can help you get started. Contact The Ron Arnold Team today for a free consultation at (714) 869-7182.

Photo by Bubbers BB, Shutterstock
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