We wanted the best realtor representing us and he came highly recommended from our good friends at church. Ron helped us in two real estate transactions a few apart. We were interested in a short sale property and we had heard he was super patient and encouraging through our friends short sale process. We had Ron put in an offer on a property we really wanted. He didn’t just let us sit around and wait for the particular property to close escrow, but he had us continue looking at other properties during the wait. This really helped the long waiting process. Ron was very persistent with the bank and kept on them about accepting our offer. This is what you want in a realtor. Patience, persistence and knowledge about the short sales process. If you don’t have that then the process will be very painful. There are few realtors out there that want to work with short sales because its a long arduous process. Ron will do the hard work it takes to get a short sale through the process! The second time we had Ron represent us was to sell the short sale property that he had helped us purchase some some 4 years before. Once again his professionalism and knowledge about the market gave us the confidence we needed to sell at that time. The process was really easy and his staff made it very smooth for us. No doubt we will use him again. If I could emphasize the things that are invaluable to Ron’s success they would be his willingness to do the “hard work” and the “market knowledge” he obtains to do his job. Thanks again Ron!!

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