As we all know, the Olympics are coming up next year in Paris. We’ve waited four long years for that to happen, like we always do. Same principle holds true in Real Estate. About every 8-10 years, the market corrects, or stalls, or in this instance today, FREEZES. So we have to wait…
But things are beginning to change…..the THAW is already happening. Over the last 2 weeks, we’ve seen interest have two large decreases and while that’s not the “Opening Ceremony”, it certainly is an indication we’re headed for that. There’s a universal consensus that the RE market will see MUCH lower interest rates and WAY more listings next year, and that should start around Feb or March.
So, my “ask” today is for home buyers who want to get into the stadium before that opening gun goes off. For buyers specifically, that will give you a strong head start against all the competition out there that has been itching to get into a home for the last couple years. Send them my way and I can at least get them in the “training mode”.
Ron Arnold, doing Real Estate in the Unrealtor way