As I’ve sold almost a thousand homes over a 20-year period, the single biggest
fear I hear is that people just can’t get the home ready for sale. It’s just too
big…..and daunting.
But, we actually find it fairly EASY….not just because we have fool proof
SYSTEMS, but more importantly, we have “THE PEOPLE”. If you have the right
vendors and service providers and contractors, you can get the job done quickly
and inexpensively. And if these people are heavily vetted, it’s actually pretty
So, from top to bottom, front of the house to the back, if you’re needing a
handyman, or a painter, or a roofer, or a plumber or an electrician or an excellent
gardener, we have THE PEOPLE. We can make your home gorgeous!
My “ask” for today is someone you know that is thinking about selling but is on
“overwhelm”. We can help. We can develop a plan and make all the connections
and make it happen.
Ron Arnold, where people matter and homes are incidental

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