Have you ever wondered: What are the two most important things in a house?
It’s the two things that distinguish a house from raw land: It’s water and electricity. And those utilities have a positive and a negative side to them. First, positively they are so important that you can’t really live in the modern world without them. But then second, negatively, if there are problems with them, they can cause catastrophic if not DEADLY consequences. If the plumbing has sprung leaks, you can get develop “mold” that can compromise the health of even strongest of people, but if left unattended can even cause death. And shorts or non-grounded circuits or recalled electrical panels can cause fires or
even electrocution. That’s why we use only the best home inspectors and, when I review our inspection reports with buyers (or even sellers), I spend a lot of time making sure the electrical and plumbing systems are right. And I negotiate strongly to make sure my clients are protected. Because you’d be better off on raw land than in a house that jeopardizes your health or your life.
Ron Arnold where people matter and homes are incidental.