On nationwide surveys, the single most requested item from home sellers to their agents is “What do I need to do to prepare my home for sale?” And they also say that that is the single most STRESSFUL item as they consider selling. Why? They THINK they need to do EVERYTHING! And so the whole task seems daunting….and that’s why the whole endeavor is typically put off.
Well, as you know, we have a tried and true system that identifies the highest “RETURN INVESTMENT IDEAS” and pretty much ELIMINATES the rest. 85% of the final decisions to buy a home are by the woman of the house, so we focus on beauty. If it’s not cosmetic or aesthetic, we forgot about it.
So my ask for today is a homeowner who is in the state of paralysis. They just can’t imagine doing all that work to get the house ready. Well, not only do we
“Have the PEOPLE”, but the process that is actually fairly quick and easy. We just did one recently in less than a week.
So don’t let “daunting” become your “Undoing”. Just employ us and we’ll have it on the market in no time.
Ron Arnold, doing real estate in the unrealtor way

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