What a crazy world we live in…..a month ago, who would have thought we’d be seeing the things we’re seeing….

I remember 3 weeks ago when I was just casually wandering through a Costco in Fullerton, and people were running past me toward the toilet paper stacks and packing their shopping carts…..all with crazed looks in their eyes. I asked the cashier (jokingly), “Is the end of the world coming?”

Well, we’ve seen that those incidents weren’t the end of it…..since then we’ve seen countless stores ransacked with wild hoardings of simple staples. Then today, we saw a line at that same Costco that extended all the way around the store to the AMC Theatre……What?

Last weekend, my wife and I did some Netflix watching of some old series, and one of them was the Twilight Zone. We came across an episode called the “Shelter”. I’ve attached a bootlegged link below.

My mouth dropped wide open when I saw how closely paralleled our current reality and this episode is. What is it that happens to people when self-preservation is at stake. It may be that it reveals what they really value…

Like Rod Serling who normally comments at the end of each show, but on this one stops short, I will take his lead. It makes me think though….

Enjoy the episode. Let me know what you think.


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