Have you ever asked yourself, esp recently, “why am I doing what I’m
doing?” Sure, we all need a paycheck to live, but is that the ONLY
One of my most respected people I’ve ever watched and read about
was John Wooden, the iconic basketball coach of the UCLA Bruins. He is
widely regarded as one of the best coaches of all time. But countless
players who went thru his system say they learned MUCH more than
just basketball from him. Most agree that “He made men, not just
players” The ultimate focus was NOT on basketball.
So, what’s your real “why”? Mine is: “to make a difference, to make an
impact by the way we treat our clients so that they are influenced to
see homes and money and things as secondary things.”
So, my ask today is for each of you to stop for a moment. Just STOP.
And consider why you’re really doing what you’re doing. At the end of
the day, if all you do is make money, will you have been successful? If a
coach can influence an entire generation of kids by what his ultimate
focus was, maybe you can too.
Ron Arnold, where people matter and homes are incidental

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